Road to Joy

Interfaith Spiritual Gathering

Welcome to "On the Road to Joy"!


Health Freedom Interfaith Spiritual Gathering & Activities

Hosted by Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy In-Person & On Zoom


So that we can be with, enjoy, support and get to know each other

         uplift each other and raise our vibrations high ~

celebrate with stories, songs, silence, movement, prayer, ritual, readings & laughter.  



Upcoming On the Road to Joy Gatherings

Sunday, February 11
"The  Power of Fun! 
Reclaiming Our Full Humanity
& Our Vibrant Well-Being!"

      Service, 2 PM EST  

Potluck, 1 PM before the service.


Sunday,  February 25
"A Year of Being Fully Human:

Reclaiming & Cultivating Our HumanSpirit Selves"


Join us for a year long journey to reclaim our full humanity in vibrant resistance to the Transhumanist takeover that They are trying to pull off.  As humans, we are inherently spiritual and powerful, playful and creative, insightful and connected.  These are things they want us to forget about the truth of our birthright as humans. Let's take this year to engage in the act of non-violent resistance by remembering and playfully reminding each other of who we really are and how powerful we really are. We can do this, Team Human! Join us each month for fun, facts, festivity, practices and steadfast delight shared with fellow Health Freedom travelers! 

  Service 2 PM EST
Potluck, 1 PM before the service.


Join us on-line or in-person.

The Bridgewater Barn, 6818 Route 4, Bridgewater, VT.

Zoom link:



Led by Rev. Mellen Kennedy, these gatherings are usually held the 2nd & 4th Sundays at 2 pm Eastern Time on zoom and/or in-person. 



Bio:  Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy is a Universalist Minister and Sufi Cherga.  She is honored to serve with Dexter Lefavour as co-pastor of Shady Rill New Church.  She is founder of “On the Road to Joy: Health Freedom Educational & Spiritual Gathering” and lives in Lincoln, VT.

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Services    on Zoom and/or in Person

Worship Services:

2nd and 4th Sundays at 2 pm ET


Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy

 ZOOM LINK: same each time

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